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Enhanced Caller ID+

1.49 usd

Provides highly configurable voice notifications for incoming callers.CALLER ID OVER BLUETOOTH IS NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE.
This is a very feature rich talking caller id application.
✓ Talking caller id (once or loop),
✓ Can be configured to read out the incoming callers name, nickname or number. Name/Nickname feature requires the caller be a saved Google contact,
✓ Obeys your ringer settings! Silent ringer disables voice notifications. Ignoring an incoming call also disables the voice notifications,
✓ Reverse looked up callers can easily be added as contacts,
✓ Caller ID notifications over call waiting,
✓ Screen unknown and/or private callers. Unknown callers are those callers not in your contacts, while private callers are callers that block their phone numbers,
✓ Can start on phone power on.
✓ Shake to silence talking caller ID (and optionally ringer) when you are not using a headset.
✓ Can be configured to silence incoming calls when the phone is placed face down!
✓ Streams through wired headsets.
✓ Quiet time feature! Set a time interval where the phone should not provide spoken notifications.
✓ Lots of other configuration options for you to play with.
TTS requires Android 2.0+ and the ability to read names from incoming callers.
Try it risk free for 24 hours (Contact me for a refund)
NOTE TO PHONE OWNERS: You may need to install TTS (text-to-speech voice) data on your phone (or you wont have any voice notifications and probably will then say that Enhanced Caller ID doesn't work). View my FAQ for more information.
Please view my FAQ for further solutions to problems @
I would appreciate it if before submitting a bad review, that you attempt to contact me first to see if I can solve your problem.
Also, reviews saying names are not pronounced properly, voice sounds robotic or your television is broken are not the fault of this application. This application uses the Speaking feature built in to your Android phone and does not define a new one! Please keep your reviews relevant.
Thanks For your Support.